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16.5. To Redirect an Incoming Call:

• If there is more than one incoming call, select the call in the Call Control Panel.
• Click the Redirect Call To button
• Select where to redirect the call:
• To redirect the call to another number, select the Redirect to Number radio button and either select a previous number from the
• drop-down menu or enter a telephone number or extension number. When redirecting to an external number, it is not necessary to use the Outside Access Digit.
• To redirect the call to Virtual Ring, select the Redirect to Virtual Ring radio button. Virtual Ring will continue to play ring-back tone for the caller, but the call will never be answered or go to voicemail. To remove someone from the Virtual Ring List, use Settings.
• To redirect the call to Voicemail, select the Redirect to Voice Mail radio button
• Click OK
NOTE: If incoming calls get answered by voicemail before you can answer them, you might increase your Call Treatment Delay using the Web Portal.

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