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16.11. To Conference in a 3rd-Party:

• Click the Conference button
• Select the 3rd-party telephone number either by choosing a previous number from the drop-down menu or by entering a telephone number or extension. When conferencing with an external number, it is not necessary to use the Outside Access Digit.
• To initiate the conference immediately without conferring with the 3rd-party, enable the Immediate Conference checkbox.
• Click OK.
• If Immediate conference was not selected, a new call be initiated to the 3rd-party to allow for consultation. After consulting with the 3rd-party, click the
• Complete Conference button to join the calls together. To cancel the conference, click the End this Call button and then resume the original call from hold.
• While the conference is in progress, you may place the conference on hold or leave the conference and allow the other parties to continue in the conference. If you place the call on hold, music-on-hold will be disabled so the other parties may continue uninterrupted.

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