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16.10. To Transfer the Call to Another Number:

• Click the Transfer button
• Select the transfer destination from the drop-down menu or enter a telephone number or extension number. When transferring to an external number, it is not necessary to use the Outside Access Digit.
• Select the type of transfer using one of the radio buttons:
• Immediate Transfer - connects the caller to the recipient without conferring with the recipient.
• Supervised Transfer - transfers the caller with supervision. After conferring with the recipient, click Complete Transfer to connect the two parties. To cancel the transfer, disconnect the second call and click Resume to retrieve the caller from hold.
• Priority Transfer (Intercom) - connects the caller to the recipient's intercom. The recipient's phone will beep to indicate that an intercom call is being received.
• Voicemail Transfer - transfers the caller directly into the recipient's voice mailbox.
• Click OK

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