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16.1. Logging in to Console Assistant

• Open the Console Assistant application
• In the Phone Number field, enter your complete telephone number.
• In the Phone Password field, enter your password. Note: Your Console Assistant password is the same as your Web Portal/Phone password.
• If you want Console Assistant to remember your login credentials the next time you run the program, enable the Auto-login checkbox.
• If this is the first time that you've run the Console Assistant, you will also need to configure the following information. You may need to expand the login window using the expand button to the right of the login button to configure these.
• In the Call Agent A and Call Agent B (IP Address) fields, enter the IP Addresses for the service provider's call agents.
• In the DB Agent (IP Address) fields, enter the IP Address for the service provider's database agent.
• If your service provider instructs you to do so, enable the SSL checkbox.
• Click Login

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