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14.45. To Define the Default Call Treatment:

• Click the Call Management tab
• Click the Call Treatment tab
• Click the Edit functions icon associated with the Default Forwarding entry.
• You can configure either a Basic Default Treatment which handles all calls the same regardless of the day-of-week or time-of-day or an Advanced Default Treatment which can handle calls differently based upon day-of-week and/or time-of-day.
• To configure a Basic Default Treatment:
• Select a default call treatment using the Default Action drop-down menu: Disabled will ring your phone normally and route unanswered calls to your
• voicemail; Find-Me will ring your phone normally and route unanswered calls according to a Find-Me profile; Forward to Number will unconditionally forward all calls to an alternate extension or number; Forward When Busy / No Answer will ring your phone normally and will forward unanswered calls to a specified extension or number.
• Click Save
• To configure an Advanced Default Treatment:
• Click Advanced
• You can define special call treatments for up to three different time periods using Time of Day Action 1, Time of Day Action 2 and Time of Day Action 3.
• For each, select the Call Treatment Action from the drop-down menu and specify the days-of-week and times-of day that the action should be followed.
• Using the Default Action drop-down menu, select an action for calls received during any periods of time that aren't covered by Action 1, Action 2 or Action 3.
• Click Save

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