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14.34. To Manage a Meet-Me Conference using the Phone:

• To Mute/Unmute All Participants, dial *5
• To Lock/Unlock the conference, dial *4. When a conference is locked, new participants will not be allowed to enter the call.
• To Disconnect All Participants and End the call, dial *7. All participants will be disconnected from the conference. If the moderator subsequently rejoins the call, participants will be able to rejoin the call as well.
• To Add Additional Ports to the Conference Reservation, dial *3.
• To Extend the Conference Reservation by an additional 15 minutes, dial *6.
• To Play the Roll Call, dial *2. The names of all participants will be recited.
• To Raise Hand for Attention, any participant may dial #8. To lower their own raised hand, any participant may dial #9.

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