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14.3. Configuring the Web Portal

The first time you access your web portal, you'll want to configure it for optimal use. You need only configure the web portal once, but can change the configuration at any time.
• Click the Options tab
• Click the Profile tab
• Using the Home Page drop-down, select which tab should be your default home page.
• In the Rows per Page field, enter the number of rows of information you'd like visible within each data table page (e.g., directories, call logs, voicemail etc.).
• Select which type of Meet-Me Conference Notification that you'd like. iCalendar uses the iCalendar standard to transfer relevant conference information directly into many personal information managers (e.g., Outlook). Default Email Client will send relevant conference information in the body of an email.
• Enable the Click to Call checkbox to allow click-to-dial functionality.
• Enable the Launch VA at Startup checkbox if you would like the Voice Assistant to open automatically when you log into the web portal.
• If available, enter the IP Addresses specified by your service provider in the In the CA Address 1 and CA Address 2 fields. If these fields are not visible, they have been pre-populated by the service provider.
• Click Submit

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