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8.10. Composing a New Message

• Access your voice mailbox
• If you have new messages, the messages will be identified and played. To skip to the Main Menu, press *.
• From the Main Menu, press 7 to compose a new message
• Enter an extension number or Distribution Group Number + #. Repeat this step until you've entered all the desired destinations.
• Press # when finished entering destinations
• After the tone, record your message. Press the # key when finished.
• Select an action
• To Send the message, press 1. The message will be sent and you will be disconnected from the voicemail system.
• To Change the message, press 2. The message will be deleted and you will be prompted to record the message again.
• To Review the message, press 3. The message will be played back and you will be prompted to select another action.
• To set Message Options, press 4.
• To mark the message Urgent, press 1.
• To mark the message Private, press 2.
• To request a Return Receipt, press 3.
• To clear all these options, press 9.
• To return to the previous menu, press *.

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