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8.9. Forwarding a Message

• While listening to messages, you can forward a message to another recipient. To forward the current message, press 6.
• Enter an extension number or Distribution Group Number + #. Repeat this step until you've entered all the desired destinations.
• Press # when finished entering destinations
• You will be prompted to record an introduction
• After the tone, record your introductory message and press # when finished.
• Select an action
• To Forward the message, press 1. The message will be sent.
• To Change the introductory message, press 2. The message will be deleted and you will be prompted to record the message again.
• To Review the introductory message, press 3. The message will be played back and you will be prompted to select another action.
• To Mark the message Urgent and Send, press 9. When retrieving messages, urgent messages will be played first. If configured by the recipient, the recipient may be paged when they receive an urgent message.
• Press * to Cancel.

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