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4.5. PressOne Fax Software

Please contact support for your Internet FAX phone number and Internet FAX user authentication information needed to configure the Internet FAX client software:

There are two versions of the Internet FAX client software one for 32 bit Windows and one for 64 bit Windows. If you do not know what Windows version, you are running, right-click "My Computer" and select "Properties". On the "General" tab, you will see "SYSTEM:" and your version will be shown.



If you should encounter a security warning, it is a known false positive currently being worked by Microsoft, it is ok to continue downloading the software.


Here is the Internet FAX Client Installation Software Download Link for 32 bit Windows (XP, Vista):

Click the download below named InternetFaxV7.6.zip


 Here is the Internet FAX Client Installation Software Download Link for 64 bit Windows (XP, Vista):

Click the download below named InternetFax-64bit.zip


IMPORTANT NOTICE: You must be logged in as an Administrator on your windows system to install and use the Internet FAX software.


To install the software:


1)     Unzip the file to a temporary directory of your choosing.

2)     Change to the temporary directory.

3)     Run the "setup.exe" file and follow the prompts.

4)     Once the "pdmon" icon shows up on the system tray, right click it and select the "show" menu option.


 5)     The "Fax File Cabinet" window will appear on your desktop.


6)     Select the last icon at the right end of the toolbar in the "Fax File Cabinet" window.

7)     Enter your user information into the "Settings" dialog that appears, then click the "Save" button.



To send a FAX simply print a document to the "InternetFax" printer that is now in your drop down list of printers.

Inbound FAX's are sent to your e-mail address.


Always check your junk folder for any fax to email that you believe has not been received.  Additionally you may ask your ISP to white list efax@commxinc.com to be sure they do not inadvertently block faxes.


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