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13.1. Setting the TFTP Address in a Polycom IP30x-IP60x

How to set the TFTP on the POLYCOM Soundpoint Phone:

For ALL models from IP300 series through IP600 series


            As the phone initiates when plugged in, you can select SETUP and go straight to the PASSWORD below to continue with this plan.



Press the MENU button on the right-hand side of the phone and follow these prompts:

Main Menu:







            Admin Settings

Admin Settings:

            Network Configuration

Network Configuration:

Scroll down to Server Menu

Server Menu: Set it to the following specifications (on the smaller 330/331 phones, you must highlight and accept each server menu line individually then make the change and go back)

 Server Type: TrivialFTP

Server Address:

Server User: PlcmSpIp (1st is a lowercase L, 2nd is an uppercase I)

Server Password: PlcmSpIp (same as user)

FINAL STEP: select EXIT backwards until SAVE CONFIG.  If you do not, changes will not be saved.

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