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14.6. Uploading Contacts from Outlook


1.  Click on File -> Import and Export


2.  Choose "Export to a File" and Click Next  


3.  Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows) and click Next. 


4.  Find the "Contacts" item in the Outlook Folder tree. 



5.  Choose the file name and location for the CSV file


6. Click on the "Map Custom Fields" button. 



7. Click the "clear map" button



8.  Once the map is clear you can click and drag the following fields from the left side of the dialog box to the right.  


9.  Click Finish.

10.  Exporting progress dialog box will appear

11.  log in to the webportal http://webportal.pressone.net.

12.  Once Logged in, click on the directories tab.
13.  At the bottom of the page. Click on the "Import" Button.

14.  A file selection dialog box will open.  Browse for your .CSV file and click open

15.  Choose your import method, Skip Duplicates,but Report them, Skip Duplicates, or Overwrite Duplicates
16.  Click the "import" Button.  Uploading will commence. 

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