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9.1. Installing and Configuring VTGO-Lite Softphone

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Installing and Configuring VTGO-LITE Softphone

Downloading and Extracting Application

After downloading the latest version of VTGO-Lite from http://www.ipblue.com, extract the .zip file to a location on your computer. Below are instruction for extracting the .zip file using Window's default compression application.

  1. Right click on the zipped file and select "Extract All...." from the menu.

  2. Click next and follow the prompts to complete the extraction process.

    Once complete, click finish and find the file VTGO-PC-Lite.x.xx.x.xxx.exe (x's represent version number). Double click on the file to begin the installation process.


Installation Process

  1. After double clicking on the executible file, the following dialog will appear. Click Run.

  2. Click Next

  3. Click Next

  4. Click the "I accept" radio button and click Next

  5. Fill in the Following information and click Next

  6. Click Next

  7. Click on "Complete" and then click Next.

  8. Click Install

  9. Click on the "Launch Softphone" if you would like to start configuring and using the application immediately and then click Finish.


Configuration Process

  1. Once the installation is complete, find the VTGO Icon on your desktop and double click it

    A splash screen will appear

  2. After the application has finished loading click on the tools icon on the top of the application and choose settings.

  3. The first tab in the Settings dialog is for Network Settings

    If your DHCP Server provides you with the the TFTP information, please click the radio button "Use DHCP for TFTP address, DHCP option # (should be default 150, only change if instructed by your system administrator). Normally, if your DHCP Server provides this information, much of this screen will already be filled in.

    If your DHCP Server doesn't provide TFTP information, then you must enter the following information manually.

    1. Click on the Radio button "Use primary TFTP server address, and enter
    2. Leave the secondary TFTP server blank
    3. check the check box "Run as a Broadsoft M6 Client
    4. Enter as the Primar CallManager and ensure that the port is set to the default Port: 2000
    5. The Station MAC address should be the Network Interface MAC that you are currently using to access the Internet. In other words, your wireless connection and wired connection will have different mac addresses, you must choose the MAC address of your active connection
    6. Network Interface: This needs to be set to the Network Interface that you are currently using to access the Internet.
  4. The second tab in the Settings Section is for Phone Settings. Here you will configure the Audio devices (microphone, speaker, headset, etc)

    1. If you have a USB Phone, please check enable and choose the control device (each USB phone is different, please consult the user manual of the phone)
    2. Choose the Phone Type which corresponds with your desk phone are the profile you were given by PressONE or your System Administrator
    3. Headset audio device can be set to either your builtin sound device or a USB Headphone/Headset device
    4. Speakerphone device can be set to either your builting sound device or another sound board
    5. Notifications device (ringer) can be set to either your builtin sound device or USB Headphone/Headset
  5. Click ok.


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