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14.28. To Schedule A New Reservation

• Click the Conferencing tab
• Click the Meet-Me tab
• Click Add
• In the Subject field, enter a descriptive title or subject.
• Using the Date drop-downs, select the Month, Day and Year for the conference.
• Using the Time drop-downs, select the Hour and Minute for the conference start time. Note: Conference reservations are based upon the time zone configured for your account.
• Using the Length drop-downs, select the Hours and Minutes for the expected duration of your conference.
• In the Participants field, enter the number of conference ports you wish to reserve. Each party that will be dialing into the conference requires a port. If multiple parties will be sharing a speakerphone in a conference room, only a single port is required for the conference room.
• To schedule a recurring meeting:
• Enable the Recurring checkbox
• Select the appropriate Recurrence Type by selecting one of the radio buttons and configure the Recurrence Parameters using the drop-down menus
• Select the appropriate Recurrence End Date using the radio buttons and drop-down menus
• Click Check Availability
• If ports are available for the desired date(s) and time, click Save. Otherwise, click Back & Try Other Date/Time.
• Write down the Moderator ID, Guest ID and the Dial Access Number provided by the system

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