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8.19. Pager Notifications

Pager Notifications are used to notify you when you receive voicemail messages. You can select whether or not to be notified and, if so, for which types of messages (i.e., All Messages or Urgent Messages Only).
You can choose to be notified in one of three different ways:
• Numeric Pager - A numeric code will be sent to your pager.
• Voice - The system will call you at a specified number and ask for your voicemail password. After entering your password, you can listen to your messages. If the system doesn't reach you, it will try to reach you three times at five minute intervals.
• Email - You'll receive an email that identifies the Date, Time, and ID of the caller.
Pager Notifications are configured using the Web Portal. For more information about configuring Pager Notifications, see Web Portal User's Guide.

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