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10.85. To add a party to an existing call:

• Press the More softkey twice
• Press the Confrn softkey to place the existing call on Hold and provide dial tone
• Dial the extension or number that you would like to add. Be sure to include the Outside Access Digit for external calls.
• After the party answers, press the Confrn softkey to join the parties together. If you reach the voicemail or the party doesn't want to join the conference, press the EndCall softkey followed by the Resume softkey to return to the original call without adding the new party.
• Repeat these steps to add new parties.
If you initiate a conference call and then hang up, the other parties may be able to continue the call after you disconnect. Contact your service provider to determine their configuration.
For information about Meet-Me Conferencing, see the Meet-Me conferencing Quick Reference Card.

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