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12.1. Configuring a Polycom IP 6000

On the M6:


Create a generic SIP user. No MAC address.


On the FTP server:


Use an FTP client to access the FTP server.


Hostname:  prov.pressone.net

Username: PlcmSpIp (in the SpIp portion the I is a capital I not a L)

Password:  PlcmSpIp


1.       Grab a .cfg file to the desktop.

2.       Edit the file with notepad.

3.       Change the display name to whatever the user name is.

4.       Change the address, label and user ID to the user DID or main number x extension

5.       Save the file as a new .cfg file renaming the file as the MAC address of the new polycom. Example(0004f2e433a1_phone1.cfg)

6.       Upload the new .cfg file to the FTP server.

7.       Log out.


On the Phone:



8.       You have to navigate the menu on the phone.

9.       First, press the menu key then navigate to the Settings option. Press the check mark key to enter Settings mode highlight and enter Advanced.

10.   The password to login is 456 then check mark

11.   Enter Network Settings then navigate to and enter Server Menu.

12.   Set Server type to FTP. Server address must be set to prov.pressone.net. Server user and Server password is PlcmSpIp. Save and exit Server Menu

13.   Enter Ethernet Menu. CDP Compatability must be set to disable. Save then reboot the phone.

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