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14.53. Options

The Remote Phone feature provides the capability to set up a remote phone to act as if it were the IP phone. When Remote Phone is active, click-to-dial rings the remote phone before dialing the desired party. Inbound calls simultaneously ring the business phone and the remote phone.
• Click the Options tab
• Click the Remote tab
• Enable the Remote User checkbox
• If desired, enable the Auto Enable When Phone OOS to have the system automatically enable the Remote Phone feature whenever your phone goes out of service due to a loss of connectivity or a loss of power.
• Enable the Enable Remote Caller ID to have the system display the original caller's Caller ID information on your remote phone instead of displaying the Caller ID of your own business phone.
• In the Remote Phone Number field, enter the telephone number for your remote phone. Be sure to include the Outside Access Digit for external numbers.
• Click Save

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